College Days

The problem with getting started with anything is actually getting started.  I suppose they’re going to revoke my membership to the Procrastinator’s Association, if they ever get around to it, but I may as well get this show on the road.

At some point, I hope this will become a very interesting blog, but for the moment I guess we’ll settle for college reminiscing.  Well, it‘s that or a fine point discussion of cat litter box management.  Hopefully, I made the right choice.

Vacuuming the living room put me in mind of a couple of friends of mine from college.  On the off chance that they will ever read this,  I’m not calling them by name – they still know where I live. We’ll just call them P. H. and P. J.

P. H. and P. J. had been rooming together in various apartments for several years.  They’d finally landed a really nice apartment. It even had carpet! Actually, carpet was kind of new to our guys because  none of their previous apartments had ever had any.  So, like the intelligent, conscientious, young gentleman that they were, they promptly went out and bought themselves a very tiny vacuum cleaner.  Basically, it was a Dustbuster on a stick.

A few months later, I happened to have a job that required such a small vacuum cleaner.  I called and asked them if I could borrow it.  They said sure, come on and get it, so I headed over there.  When I got to the apartment, P. J. mentioned that it had been working wonderfully for the first few days of use, but ever since then it’d been losing suction.  I love those guys, but knowing them as I did, I asked, “when was the last time you emptied it?”

They looked at one another, then looked at me.  It took a moment, but then P. H. finally said, “um, what do you mean, empty it?”

I’m not sure where they thought the dirt was going.  Maybe they thought Dustbusters were like bags of holding, no matter what you put into it there’s always room for more.  When we got the poor thing open it was so stuffed with dirt that it had formed a nearly solid mass, something like a dusty version of the Blob.  The rest of the evening was spent scraping out the mess and discussing the finer points of emptying vacuum cleaners.

A couple years before they had had similar problems with a microwave. They had figured out how to use it, and in fact were doing a pretty good job with their cooking.  What they hadn’t figured out was how to clean it.  Two bachelors, six months of cooking, and a microwave – you get the picture.  That one required two hours of effort to get the thing clean.  That, and a trip to the store for paper towels, cleanser, a soft scrubber…

It’s a good thing I love those guys.