Having spent 30 minutes trying to get the silly comment to post, I’m posting it here.

Comment is to this blog post:

I hate being the cynic but if that picture on the Jezebel blog is of the same building this lady says she went to then the story is highly suspect. Both Planned Parenthood clinics are clearly labeled and only one Crisis Pregnancy Center is on the same floor. How badly were the PP clinic doors labeled that she couldn’t tell what they were? The room numbers aren’t given for whatever reason but the titles are clearly on the sign – so how did she manage to forget “Planned Parenthood for New York” on a 6 floor elevator ride?

Something is wrong with this account. I’d like to think that she was just so distraught that she screwed up the names – but the practical side of me says it’s much more likely that the story, at least the confusion part, is bogus.

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