Random Musings

I think this will be my catch all blog – whatever stray thought strikes my fancy will go here and leave more thematic postings to other areas.

The biggest thing for me right now is getting into the habit. So here I am, mind pretty well blank, typing anyway. Come to think of it, that might be better than some – at least I know I’m clueless today! 😉

Well, went to the local fair Tuesday – the first day and the crowd was non-existent. No lines for any ride – but I never ride much anyway and most of the rides were kiddie rides and I didn’t have a kiddie to drag along so no one would suspect that I like the kiddie rides! They had the giant mules in the animal barn and some really pretty chickens (seemed to be Bantam week although there was a nice Rhode Island Red Cross) – everything had a ribbon since so few were entered this year. Kind of a shame, they had a good bit more last year.

The mules had a story board that told of their history – that was really interesing. They are draft size – it’s hard to believe they are mules! One white and two brown as I recall. The white let me pet him a bit. Seemed kinda surprised I knew how – my guess is he’d had a few little hands patting too hard or grabbing as the tiny ones are wont to do. Sweet mule, not the slightest flicker of annoyance as the kids ran by.

Bought the $7 bag of cotton candy – finished it Thursday. Can’t eat like a kid anymore – but that’s not so bad. A kid gets a few minutes pleasure out of a bag of cotton candy – I got two days!

A sausage dog for dinner while watching a local gospel group – and resisting the urge to tell them privately to not give up their day jobs. Not bad, really, but needs a lot of work. On key is important but not the only thing you have to do while singing…

Ran into a few friends, did the quickie catch up as they ran by trying to keep up with their little ones. Too full and a midway is a nightmare for having kids with you; too empty and you best be able to sprint because now they can get up some speed!

Went past all the exhibits on the way in. Next week I’ll pull out my bag of goodies and read all the pamphlets I picked up – yes, I’m one of those people.


Well, that’s enough rambling for now. Next weekend I go to the National Fair in Montgomery – Foriegner is in concert! Later, gang!