True Slayers: A Girl’s Song, Part 4

Of course, I might have remembered a lot more had I stayed awake.

The grown ups were talking and I didn’t understand most of what they were talking about. It had been a busy morning and I had been all excited about the Mistress coming but now, comfortably in her lap, all that energy drained. I tried to stay awake but the warm sun coming through the parlor curtains and the drone of adult voices discussing incomprehensible things took their toll. I fell sound asleep.

She left late in the day with Nyota. They returned a couple hours later and the Mistress assured my parents there wouldn’t be any more werewolves – at least not for a few years. The Mistress left for home that evening, promising to return when she could. Nyota stayed a few days more before heading back to Africa.

Just like that, everything was back to normal. Clifton hadn’t understood things much better than I had. I asked him a few times over the years but he only remembered being really scared of something in the dark and Nyota saving us. He remembered something about me being a slayer but didn’t know what it meant. He never even teased me about it – he pretty much just forgot the whole thing.

About the only thing that changed was that I was now allowed to handle knives if I wanted – which I always did. The Mistress kept her promise, dropping by occasionally and helping me learn how to talk to blades properly. She even let me talk to her sword dóigh (It’s Gaelic, I can’t pronounce it either) a few times. He’s fun to talk to. Nyota would write every month and call every six months but other than that, I was a normal girl, just like everyone else.

That changed a week before my sixteenth birthday. I was on a date with Michael Davis – the first time I’d been allowed to go on a date with just us two and not a double or group. Michael took me to the Impresario, which was the overly fancy name of the little theater in Tyler. It was a double feature of some B horror flick and a romantic comedy. Mr. Jameson, the owner, called it ‘Date Night’ for obvious reasons.

I tried hard not to laugh but seriously, zombie, mutant, vampires from outer space? Evidently, they saved a lot on costumes by using whatever they found on the lot. I swear, one of those zombie vampires was wearing Dorothy’s dress from the Wizard of Oz. I faked it the best I could and clung to Michael’s arm at the parts that were theoretically scary but he wasn’t buying it.

Micheal’s a bit uptight but a nice guy. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I tried harder. When the movie finally ended and the benevolent space aliens wiped out the zombie vampires the lights went up. Michael told me we could leave if I really wanted. I apologized and that’s when he admitted he thought the movie was pretty bad, too. We had a good laugh and got some popcorn before the second feature.

The second movie was pretty good and I was enjoying both it and being on Michael’s arm. The strangest feeling came over me. Something was on the roof and it wasn’t anything good. I couldn’t very well tell Michael I needed to go to the roof to kill something evil so I excused myself to go to the restroom.

Creatures are attracted to newly emerging slayers – mostly to try and kill us. The one bad thing I had sensed had four little friends with it. All pseudo-traditional vampires and all bent on killing me and then everyone else. It was my first battle and frankly, I’m not so good at tactics. It took me the better part of an hour to kill all four and I probably wouldn’t have gotten the last one if it hadn’t gotten turned around and tried to flee through the mechanicals door instead of the stairwell.

Needless to say, Michael wasn’t happy when I finally got back. I’d straightened up my hair the best I could and lied about being sick but he really wasn’t buying it. I got the ‘let’s just be friends’ speech on the way home.

Between the occasional disappearances to go slay things and my now huge sword collection it wasn’t long before the guys started steering clear. I was heart broken at first. Daddy explained that any guy worth keeping would be able to handle the truth about me and that in the meantime I was still his little girl.

But a girl wants to be asked out, you know?