True Slayers: A Girl’s Song, Part 16

(Arnie, the bayonet, is speaking)

“I heard him come in with that kid Tim. He’s the one that got peanut butter on me once. They were in the other part and then I heard the kid leave.”

“Archie came in and started to change his clothes. There was a noise in the other part and he went out. I heard people talk but the door hadn’t opened. Archie yelled and came running in here. He reached for me but some guy grabbed his arm and pulled him away. Then Archie swung at the guy but he missed.”

“Something weird happened then. Archie looked at him in the eye and all the fight went out of Archie. The guy’s eyes were weird; I’ve never seen red human eyes like that before. I thought maybe Archie felt bad for him or something. He just stopped fighting.”

“The guy pulled Archie over to the chair and made him sit. I didn’t like it but Archie wasn’t holding me and I couldn’t stick the guy. The guy grabbed Archie’s other arm and forced it down. Archie got real scared, I could see it in his eyes and feel it even across the room. Then the guy bit Archie’s neck.”

“I wanted to stick him so bad, that guy that was hurting Archie. He just stood there, biting Archie and Archie just got more and more scared. But then, after a long time, Archie started getting weak. It was like he’d been bad stuck or something but I didn’t see any blood.”

“The guy finally stood up and walked away from Archie. It was like Archie didn’t matter to him any more, ya know? I’ve seen humans do that before. I knew Archie was dead then. I woulda stuck that guy if I could have; I really would have.”

“The guy took off his coat and threw back his head like he was laughing but he didn’t make any noise. I wanted to stick him, laughing at Archie like that – it was wrong, you know? But he stopped and then he started running into the other part. I heard him go on the hard floor and then I didn’t hear him any more.”

“No time later, that other kid, Jack, comes in. I heard him yelling at the window and messing with Pepe. Then he came in here and looked at Archie. I guess he knew cause he didn’t even touch Archie. But cause he knew – I mean, I could tell from how he looked. He’d have stuck that guy if he could have. I know he would.”

“Then he left. I heard the kids talking in but I think they were outside ’cause it was hard to hear them. Then they left and a little later Archie’s friend came, the kid’s dad, and checked to see if Archie was dead. He cried a little then left. I don’t think he could stick that guy but that kid of his could.”

“I wanna stick that guy. Do you think you could help me stick him or get the kid to use me? Please. I really wanna stick that guy for what he did to Archie. Would you, Girl?”

I sighed and silently promised that I would see if I could arrange it when the time came. No sense trying to explain to a blade that it can’t kill a vampire unless a slayer uses it especially since I’m a slayer. I put Arnie back on the wall and turned to Jack.

“That’s… quite a blade…” I told him.

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