True Slayers: A Girl’s Song, Part 18

I woke up late the next morning, feeling a lot like a dishrag after being wrung out a few too many times. I crawled out of bed only because I had to then dressed and went to breakfast.

Mama put her hand on my forehead the instant she saw me. I told her I was just tired but she fussed until she finally got a thermometer and it confirmed that I really didn’t have a fever. Just to prove the point I wolfed down three eggs instead of my usual two.

Which was a mistake – crawling back to my room I felt even worse, now tired and way too full. Didn’t matter, I told myself as I scooped up my bag and college materials. My very first day of college I was at least going to show up on time for my orientation.

I ran into Jack’s sister Donna on the walk to the bus stop. Good thing, she gave me a couple of great pointers on how to get to NYU. I’d have been late for sure if she hadn’t been there.

Three changes and a five block walk later, I finally reached the hallowed halls. Well, the lawn, anyway. Fifteen minutes later I found the gym I was supposed to be in and found a seat just a minute before the orientation was scheduled to start.

The school seemed to be having the same kind of day I was. The program started thirty minutes late. I met a couple of girls my age, Sally and Jessica, and we chatted about our respective homes, prospective majors and the relative cuteness of the current crop of guys.

The Dean of Academics gave us a less than rousing speech about what to expect and what was expected of us. The secretary came up and told us where to pick up our packets and where to go if we hadn’t yet registered for classes. Then we were herded into the cafeteria for a welcome lunch. I had an apple, still feeling breakfast only too well.

By late afternoon, I had a new copy of my schedule, a better copy of the bus schedule and had visited all the buildings I had classes in. Sally, Jessica and I grabbed a burger at the cafeteria before splitting up to head home.

On the last transfer, I found Jack’s brother Marty and his sister Jane on the bus with me. I confess, I had to ask Jane’s name. I don’t know how people keep so many names straight! Jane told me Jack was busy helping the Jenkins’ family so I decided not to bother him today.

I said good bye to Marty at the bus stop when he headed the other way to run to the store for his mom. I said good bye to Jane when we got to my house. Then the repeat performance with Mama who was now convinced I had the flu. I passed on dinner and had a hard time convincing Mama it was because I’d already eaten.

At long last, I crawled into bed and said my prayers. My head hit the pillow and I realized I hadn’t called Mr Ethan. It was much too late to do anything now so I wrote myself a note and turned in. Besides, I told myself, it seemed kinda silly to think Jack was a slayer, didn’t it?