True Slayers: A Girl’s Song, Part 23

Tuesday came entirely too early for me. I pawed at the clock until it finally stopped making that racket and pulled the covers over my head. Too late, Mama was already calling. I muttered a word I would never let Mama hear and crawled out of bed to face the day.

I had had enough sense to schedule my classes for late morning since being a slayer and being a morning person are almost mutually exclusive. But this morning, I was supposed to meet Mr Ethan on campus so I needed to be there early. A few pancakes properly disposed of along with my morning juice improved my disposition. Mama kissed my forehead as I said good bye and trotted out the door.

For once, Intro to Logic wasn’t the biggest head ache of my day. Mr Ethan met me in the cafeteria. Between interruptions from various new friends and classmates and his cell phone incessantly ringing it seemed we were not ever gonna finish the conversation. Mr Ethan had me go over absolutely everything with him again. By time for my Intro class, we were only half done. Mr Ethan promised to wait and I went to class.

Getting back to the cafeteria, I found Mr Ethan and another man sitting out front on the cafe chairs.

Mr Ethan rose when he saw me and the other man followed suit. Mr Ethan suddenly became very formal. “Mistr.. er, Miss Crystal, may I the pleasure of introducing Mr Tresmayne?”

I hope I didn’t gape. I’m pretty sure I had my mouth closed but it took a second or two to speak, “A… a pleasure, Sir. I’ve heard so much about you.”

Understatement of the century! Tresmayne is an ancient traditional werewolf! He’s one of only three traditionals in the Mistress’ pack and he’s said to have provided her with counsel! He’s a freaking legend! Little wonder I hadn’t sensed him at all! I couldn’t believe it – I was meeting Tresmayne!

Mr Ethan pulled out a chair for me and I sat before my knees gave way. Tresmayne?! HERE?!?! I could not believe it!

“The pleasure is mine, Young Lady.” He replied, taking his own seat. His accent was European, maybe one of the Eastern European ones – I didn’t know for sure. “I understand you’ve had a bit of confusion here. Please, would you be so kind as to tell me about it?”

I nodded, fighting to get the lump out of my throat, “Yes sir. Well, see, I, that is…” I stopped and forced myself to calm down, “Er, I guess I should begin at the beginning?”

They both nodded. Mr Ethan leaned forward to listen yet again. Mr Tresmayne leaned back and closed his eyes yet I never had the feeling he wasn’t paying attention.

“Well, it started just after we moved here a few weeks ago…”

I finished my account, still trying not to stare at the legend in front of me. Mr Ethan and I waited a moment for Mr Tresmayne to speak.

“I have to agree with you, Ethan. There is something more than the mere emergence of a slayer going on here. Did you locate the grave yet, Young Lady?”

I shook my head, “No sir, I’m going to just go ask as soon as I get home and head straight there. Tonight’s the first new – it’d be tonight if ever, right?”

He and Mr Ethan both nodded and Mr Tresmayne spoke, “That’s correct, Young Lady. I wish to accompany you.”

“That would be… I’d like that, Sir.” Was what I said. Sure, Superman wants to come over to your house – who’s gonna say no? I was totally blown away. Any other circumstances and I’d have been dancing, I swear I would have.

I paused and turned to them, “He’s fully emerged now, right?”

Mr Ethan nodded, “In all likelihood, yes. And yes, he might just sense something if it does rise tonight. You two will need to be prepared to deal with him.”

I sighed. Well, at least it wasn’t likely. After all, I’d be there so by the time Jack sensed anything and could get there the creature would be back in its grave, probably. And it might not rise at all – creating a new vampire is tricky business and doesn’t always work. Even I knew that. I just wished I hadn’t been so nervous about it, however.

Arrangements made, I trotted off to my next class. The rest of the day was a blur of classes and homework. I wouldn’t have time to do it tonight.

I finished my last assignment on the bus home. I ran into Donna at the bus stop. I was beginning to wonder if there was anyplace in this neighborhood where you could toss a rock and not hit a Scarlotti. We chatted just a moment – she was waiting for the next bus to go to the mall for new shoes and I still had things to do at home.

Once home, I put away my books and gathered up my equipment. Two bus rides, per the schedule, to get there – I couldn’t very well conceal the girl’s under my coat for that. I grabbed an old gun case I use for transporting my swords in public. It’s ancient and doesn’t really look like a gun case.

I went for the swords. Gwen would be coming, of course, but Grace wasn’t what I needed for this. I got Samantha down from her hook. She’s a hand and a half bastard sword and has a much better reach than Gwen or Grace. She was all giddy – she doesn’t get to go out much – as I put her in the case with Gwen.

I changed quickly. making sure I had everything, I pulled on my coat and headed for the door. Mama met me there, handing over a sack with my dinner in it. I hadn’t said anything; she just knew. Who says slayers are the only ones with weird senses? I gave her a kiss on the cheek, hollered bye to Daddy and walked out the front door. Tonight was just beginning.


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