Through the Looking Glass, Part Four

"So, any idea why I’m so blessed?" Jack asked.

Ethan exhaled slowly, "I had hoped meeting you might shed some light on that. Because guidance is my specialty, I have a few abilities other slayers don’t. I can sense slayers much the same way you sense creatures. Often I can identify or at least have a good guess at the specialty, but no such luck with you. I sense you easily enough, but I don’t have a good read on your specialty. While odd, it’s not unheard of so that fact is probably not significant."

"Does that mean no one could sense my specialty or just you can’t for whatever reason?"

"It’s not impossible someone else already sensed it but it’s not likely." Ethan replied.

"Any other possibilities?" Jack leaned forward.

"No good ones." Ethan admitted. "But the truth is, specialty isn’t a great possibility, either. It’s hard to imagine what specialty would be this important to someone."

Jack shook his head, "What about the end game? I’m operating under the assumption that killing Mr J was just to draw me out but honestly, how hard could it be to kill me if they are halfway organized? It’s more like they’re trying something else."

Wolff nodded, "Yes, it is. The werewolves you described from your workplace sound to be pseudomoderns which is strange as they seldom operate in the daylight unless commanded by one of the True Born."

Jack held up his hand, "Hold on, the what?"

"Any one of the twelve masters and mistresses." Crystal explained, "The term has to do with their command being a birthright and not really a power. Mr Ethan would have to explain all that but the main thing is when one of them commands a creature it will obey, no matter what. They are the only ones that ever have that much control."

"Okay, got it. The werewolves acted like one of the big wigs gave them an order but they aren’t supposedly involved, right?" Jack filed that last bit mentally as ‘not important now’ and waited for Wolff to continue.

Wolff nodded, "Precisely so, Young Man. Also, neither pseudomodern werewolves nor ghouls would be particularly strong during the day. Even an emerging slayer shouldn’t have much trouble dispatching them."

"So why bother sending them at all?" Jack finished the thought. "I have the feeling we don’t have enough information to work with, do we?"

Wolff and Ethan both shook their heads, "No, we don’t." Ethan admitted.

Jack nodded resolutely, "So the first order of business, after protecting my family, is figuring out how to get the information we need…"