Through the Looking Glass, Part Five

The meeting broke up just after half past ten with no one much happier than they had been at the start. The elder men left first. Jack lingered only a few minutes more. As much as he’d have liked to have spent time with Crystal duty, in the form of work tomorrow, called.

Jack crossed the street to his own home and was surprised to find his younger brother Kevin waiting for him in his living room.

"Kevin?" Jack looked expectantly at the form sitting on his couch.

"I need to talk to you." Kevin replied flatly.

Jack didn’t bother to ask if it was really important – Kevin wouldn’t be here if it weren’t. "Okay." Jack responded, closing the door and tossing his keys on the nearby shelf, "What is it?"

Kevin seemed suddenly interested in his own shoes as he looked down toward them, "You’re the only one that might not laugh."

Jack scratched his head as he took a seat on the recliner, "Kev, I’m tired. I’m willing to listen but I can’t drag it out of you."

"Didn’t mean it like that. You really are the only one." Kevin sighed then looked at his brother, "Ever since Mr J died, I’ve been having the weirdest dreams. They are getting worse and worse. And the crazy part is it feels like some kind of premonition."

Jack shook his head, "I’m not laughing. I don’t see anything funny. Heck, not even that weird…" Jack didn’t add that it wasn’t as weird as having dinner with a werewolf as Jack himself had done tonight. "So, tell me about them…"


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