Through the Looking Glass, Part Nine

Jack was feeling great as he turned the key in his apartment door lock. He wasn’t feeling quite as great to find all four of his brothers sitting in his living room.

"What the? If you idiots think for one minute…"

"Hold on, Jack." Tim interrupted, "It’s not what you think."

Jack sighed as he closed the door and deposited his keys. "Just once I’d like to know what it’s like to be an only child."

"Lonely." Mike offered.

Marty elbowed his younger brother, "He wasn’t serious."

Jack threw himself onto the vacant spot on his couch, "Oh, yes I was. So, what is so danged important?"

"Lisa is moving out."

Jack stared at Tim for a moment, "Say what? I thought she was going to live with the folks until she finished her Bachelor’s?"

"That was the plan until two this afternoon. She met some guy at school and she’s going to move in with him." Tim explained.

"You have got to be kidding me. Lisa?" Jack’s incredulity came from knowing his studious and serious minded sister. Lisa let nothing come between her and her studies. She had intended to be a doctor since grade school. She was not the sort to change her mind quickly. Heck, until now, Jack hadn’t even known she had a boyfriend. "When did she meet this guy?"

"Today, at two." Kevin answered.

"Oh now I know you guys are putting me on." Jack growled, not amused by the joke.

"We’re not, Jack. It’s true. Lisa packed up some of her stuff this evening and was gonna go stay with the guy but Momma convinced her to wait until tomorrow. Lisa intends to be out of the house by tomorrow night and not even Momma could talk her out of it. It’s crazy weird, Jack." Marty explained, "You gotta talk to her – she might listen to you."

"If I find out this is a put on…" Jack glared at his brothers.

"It’s not, Jack." Tim swore solemnly, "As God is my witness, it’s not."

Jack thought for a moment. "Okay, start to finish I want every single detail…"

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