Through the Looking Glass, Part Eighteen

Jack changed his mind. He sent Crystal out to the rooftop to make her way home from there. Tresmayne returned to his apartment. Jack followed a short time later, leaving the Myers apartment exactly as he had found it.

Mr. Wolff greeted Jack at the door, “Come in, Lad.”

Jack nodded as he entered, “You transform pretty fast.”

“The advantage to being an ancient.” Wolff replied as he closed the door. “All I have is bourbon.”

“That’ll do fine. We just have to smell drunk, not actually be drunk.” Jack replied.

Fifteen minutes later, both smelling like they had been living in a distillery, Jack and Wolff descended to the fourth floor, making enough noise to wake the entire house. They continued all the way down until reaching Jack’s apartment on the first floor. By then most of the household was awake and the Myers’ apartment had been discovered a second time.

As they reached the hallway, Jack noticed a figure standing by his door. Getting closer, he realized it was his brother Tim. Tim merely shook his head at his older brother and wordlessly returned to their parent’s apartment. Jack groaned inwardly, this plan got A’s for keeping the cops off of him but F’s in the ‘not making your family mad at you’ department.

Seven hours later, having been questioned again by the cops, screamed at by his sisters, yelled at by his father and having made his mother cry, Jack slunk off to his own apartment. He called in to let his boss know he would be taking the morning off for a personal matter, namely sleeping off the fatigue from the evening’s exercise and the general illness from the alcohol. Jack was truthful enough to not be lying but spared his employer the more fantastic details. Disgusted with himself for more than a few reasons, Jack got into his pj’s and threw himself at the bed.

His eyes had barely closed when the bedroom door slammed open. “What the **** do you think you’re doing!?” Tim boomed at him.

“Sleeping.” Jack replied tersely. “Yell later. I need to get a couple hours sleep and go to work.”

“Oh no, you are gonna talk now.” Tim insisted. “What is going on?”

“Is Momma still crying?” Jack asked quietly.

“Yes.” Tim replied needlessly. Jack already knew that – he knew full well that was the reason Tim was so mad now.

Jack sat up. “You’d never believe me.”

“I didn’t ask questions last night when you wanted me to stand guard. You wouldn’t have asked if there wasn’t a reason. I need to know what’s going on now. I believed you when you told me Haley Remona liked me in fifth grade. I’ll believe you now.”

Jack chuckled despite himself, remembering how incredulous Tim had been that any girl might like him. “Let me sleep now. We’ll talk tonight – I’ll give you the whole thing.”

Tim grunted, then turned and left.

Jack fell back on his pillow, asleep before he got halfway down.