Through the Looking Glass, Part Twenty

Tim was still silent. Jack had finished his story five minutes earlier. Neither brother had spoken since. Jack leaned back on his sofa and waited. His brother would talk eventually – when made no difference. Jack guessed Tim was trying to find a way of saying ‘I don’t believe you’ without actually admitting his disbelief. Not that it mattered, Jack had no intention of holding it against Tim – after all, if the roles were reversed Jack wouldn’t believe this story, either.

Jack was half asleep when Tim finally spoke, "That is the worst lie I’ve ever heard, or would be, if it weren’t true. Never had this much trouble believing you before."

"Eh, I barely believe it myself." Jack lifted his head to face his brother.

"So, once this is all over, what happens? You gonna move or what?"

Jack chuckled. Of all the things that could have bothered him, Tim was only concerned with one, his brother’s future. Jack shrugged, "Not planning to. No reason to, actually, Crystal says the reason we are called ‘slayers’ and not ‘hunters’ is that creatures tend to find us instead of making us hunt them. Convenient, I suppose, but it means there’s plenty of work wherever we happen to be. So no, you can’t have my apartment."

Tim laughed, "Dang, I was looking forward to not sharing a bathroom."

"That reminds me, when are you and Kev moving upstairs?"

"Next week. Poppa and I are repainting the apartment this week."

Jack sighed, "You’re not gonna like this, but I want to tear out some wall sections."

"You think something is really there?" Tim asked.

"Can’t be positive but I don’t want anyone sleeping in there until I know for sure."

Tim slicked back his hair, "It was gonna be hard enough moving in the old man’s place – if you want to do it, we’re gonna have to do it tonight before Poppa starts painting."

Jack nodded, "You think we can borrow that spy get up Mike has?"

"The fiber optic video camera? Sure, he won’t mind. Why?"

"Little holes are easier to fix than big ones." Jack replied.

"Ah, gotcha – we poke a small hole between each stud and use the camera. Smart."

Jack shrugged, "It beats having to sheetrock whole sections of…" Jack suddenly whipped around toward the front of the house.

"What?" Tim demanded.

Jack jumped to his feet, "Oh heck no – two nights in a row? I do NOT think so." Jack growled more to himself than to his brother as he reached for his ball bat.