Some Guys Have all the Luck, Part Six

I managed to get through the introduction without hauling off and hitting the guy. Evidently, I also managed to control my face well enough that the twerp had no clue I wanted to. Good.

I handled introductions on my end. Lisa and I both escorted our guests into the dining room. Seating is always hit or miss in such a big rambunctious family but Lisa managed to snare two side by side seats for herself and her beau. I went and got folding chairs for the additional guests, making sure that there were two side by side.

Crystal came in late, apologizing to Momma for being held up. I snagged her from my mother and ushered her to the folding chair. She didn’t look to her left until I’d scooted it up for her. The effect was perfect – Crystal let out a whoop and began hugging the heck out of Nyota. Satisfied with myself, I found a corner and waited for the blessing.

After dinner, Wolff cornered Thompkins for me. I was occupied with Lisa and Crystal, both excited for very different reasons.