True Slayers: Some Guys Have all the Luck, Part Twelve

Momma continued explaining how concealment worked but I only half heard her. Some things made more sense and some made a lot less. I’d always thought I had a weird family – nine kids raised by two hippies doesn’t make for normalcy – but just a little weird. I was having a hard time coming to grips with the idea that nothing had been what I’d thought it was.spacer.gifspacer.gif

I kept trying to make my brain think straight but it seemed determined to just throw random thoughts my way, most of which had nothing to do with anything. I wanted to be angry with Momma for not telling me but the one coherent thought I did have was to remind myself that I hadn’t told her, either. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I agreed with her reasoning but I did understand it. I probably wouldn’t have told me either, had I been in her shoes. But that left me with no one to blame and a brain full of mush and frankly the combo was doing nasty things to my nerves.

Just as I was beginning to make sense of my feelings, a little, at least, a thought crystallized. If Momma knew about Tresmayne then she had to know about Thompson. I hadn’t included the thing with Lisa in my synopsis. I had instinctively left it out. Like mother like son, I guess. But she hadn’t said anything so was this something else she was expecting me to bring up or did she not know? But that made no sense since she knew about Tresmayne…

My remaining sanity went into revolt, insisting that I stop the paranoid wonderings and just ask her. I waited for her to finish telling me how important good concealment was. It took a minute, but finally, I had the chance to speak.

"Momma, what about Thompson?"

Her face clouded over with displeasure. Yeah, she knew about him, all right…