True Slayers: Some Guys Have all the Luck, Part Thirteen

"What about him?" Momma asked in her iciest tone, the one she saves for those foolish enough to mess with her kids.

"Well, since you knew about Tresmayne, I assumed… " I popped myself on the head for my own stupidity. "You can’t sense creatures, you already told me that. How’d you know about Tresmayne, though?spacer.gifspacer.gif"

"Even we common slayers know the Mistress’ cadre. I doubt he’d remember me – I only met him the once and he was in human form then, but one doesn’t forget meeting Tresmayne. Really now, what has that mentor been teaching you?"

"We’ve been kinda busy, Momma. I’ve only finished reading two of the books although I did look though most of the ones Crystal lent me."

"I see." she replied in a tone that made it very clear she did not see. "So, what about that young man who wants to take my Lisa from her family?"

Oh yeah, I’d hit a nerve. I vaguely wondered if she could still kill creatures if need be – and realized that in the mood she was in, I might just find out the hard way. It didn’t occur to me to lie – and if it had I wouldn’t have done it. Things were messed up enough as it was.

I took a deep breath and explained Lisa’s ‘boyfriend’, what he was, why he showed up and why he was camping in my living room, to my Momma. I’ve done more pleasant tasks – helping Poppa clean up after the sewer back up in the basement came immediately to mind.

She took it pretty well – at least she didn’t demand that I kill him or decide to try it herself.But she was hopping mad for the next ten minutes. Tim made the mistake of coming in to see if we were finished. One glare from Momma was enough to send him scurrying like a scalded cat. I wanted to go with him.

"My baby girl… How dare…" Momma was still ranting and I was being smart enough to keep my trap shut.

Suddenly, she just stopped. She turned and gaped at me. "A command type – it has to be. Two of them… Oh my gracious… Where did I read that?" She sat back down and faced me, "Have you learned to summon the Chronicles yet?"

"The what?"

"Obviously not. That mentor of yours… Call your Crystal, she’s been slaying long enough to know how. Go on, hurry up."

I got up and went to the wall phone. Now was not the time to tell Momma Crystal wasn’t officially mine. As to what she wanted, I didn’t have a clue. I dialed the number.