What Have I Gotten Myself Into? Part Two

Dear Traci, Terri, Patti, Amy, Mary, Janie, Cousin Emmy and Kim,

I’m soooo sorry! I know, I know, I know – I promised everyone I’d write individually but I’m crazy busy right now. I’ll spacer.gifspacer.gifwrite properly first chance I get, I promise.

I know what you’re thinking, cousin Emmy – I can’t be that busy, right? Well, I am. Take last night for instance. I had two tests to study for and just put down my history book when I got a call to go to this big powwow at Jack’s parent’s place. You remember Jack, he’s the new slayer I met up here. Anyway, it was like nine o’clock when I got there and it took like totally forever. That came out bad. It was important and even interesting. Turns out his building really is a sanctuary! Anyway, it took a couple hours just to get started good. Oh, that reminds me, they have the most divine rocky road ice cream up here. I’ll send you a link to the company, Mary – you’ll love it!

Where was I? Oh yeah. So it’s like eleven o’clock when we start getting serious. Tresmayne agreed to take a letter to Montgomery and Jack had to write it. He had a bunch of questions for the Mistress. Nyota – oh, I didn’t tell you yet! She came to visit and is staying a few months! We’re gonna try to come down after finals. Mine come a week before yours so I can probably catch y’all all at Ol’ Miss if you want.

Anyway, Nyota told Jack to ask something none of us had thought of – how to get better at controlling his command abilities. I mean, seriously, so obvious but we’ve been so caught up in trying to figure out why every creature in a five hundred mile radius shows up at his house – even weirder, knowing it’s a sanctuary – that we hadn’t thought about asking her that. I did tell him to ask about why the werewolves had eaten the cats (sorry, Terri – I would have saved them if I could have). I mean, that’s just strange, you know?

Yes, Traci, I realize any conversation with me about slaying is ‘strange’ – but this is stranger than the normal strange, you know?

Well, Tresmayne left a little after one and I was helping clean up when Jack gets a call from Mr Colin. One in the morning! Even slayers shouldn’t get calls that time of night except from the emergency room, you know? Jack’s mom got on the phone and you would not believe the chewing out she gave him! I’ll tell y’all about that once I’m sure it’s okay but it was really funny, I’m telling you! Of course, it took another twenty minutes before Jack gets the phone back to find out what was wrong. Get this, the guy living with Jack was afraid to call himself so he’d called Mr Colin because he’d found something important (and that was who Jack told him to call if he couldn’t reach Jack – Jack’s kinda cool about thinking of things like that).

Anyway, we left Jack’s mom and went to Jack’s apartment to talk to Thompson – he’s the guy that called Mr Colin. Nyota went to sleep on the sofa. Jack’s brother Tim was on the recliner already – I felt bad when I found out that most of the family was sleeping on sofas and stuff around the building because they didn’t want to disturb us. I was trying to stay awake while Thompson explained it all.

Why do guys have to give you every freaking detail? Who the heck cares how you back hacked the guys IP address and how many fake ID’s you had to go through to get to the real one? Get to the point, Dude! Especially at nearly two in the morning! Jack actually encouraged him – he was asking questions. I so wanted to poke him for that.

Finally, he got around to the point. I won’t tell you all that – it’s not really public, you know. But it was a big, big break – I just wish it could have come at two pm instead of two am.

So, I get home just after two and have to write a supplemental and study for my logic test! I was up til five. I thought I could get like a couple hours sleep but noooo. I no sooner hit the hay than I feel a vampire nearby. I got up and had gone out after it but Jack got to it first. Only it wants to deliver a message so I don’t get to go home until after six thirty. No way I can get any sleep now.

I got an A on the history and a B+ on the logic – which I am so incredibly proud of I could scream! Anyway, I caught up on my sleep this afternoon when I got home. I have to finish my homework then go have supper at Jack’s and yet another meeting after that. I tell you, I never get to stop!

Anyway, I hope y’all are all well. I miss you guys soooo much! I really wanna get together over Christmas. Let me know if y’all want me to come to your campus or wait ’til y’all get home.

Love you!