What Have I Gotten Myself Into? Part Six

spacer.gifspacer.gifThere was another knock at the door and Mrs Scarlotti joined us. She brought with her a Claymore in its beautiful hand tooled sheath. I’ve seen a couple in museums but never held one. I have to admit, I was excited.

She came straight to me and to the point, "My Jackie Boy says you would like to talk to my Finlay. I’ve never let a singer handle him before but I’ll do it this one time."

She handed the sword to me. She was right. It was a male. I knew that at once. Even still in the sheath, I could already hear his rumbling voice. I grasped the hilt above the gold inlay on the white leather sheath, "I understand…" I started to pull.

"Hold on, Dear." Mrs Scarlotti said.

I stopped and waited.

"I… well, it may sound silly, but I don’t want to hear about … well, whatever. I don’t have my powers any longer but I still have a little skill. I’ve always had the feeling that knowing … Well, anyway, I don’t want to know. Wait for me to leave, please, before you draw him. Jackie boy, he can stay here in your place for as long as you need him."

Jack nodded, "Okay. Thank you, Momma."

She nodded, "You coming?" She asked Mr Scarlotti.

"Not just yet."

She gave a half nod but stopped and cocked her head, "Isn’t that Arnie?"

"It’s Daniel’s bayonet. It has a name?"

She nodded, "Janus talked to it once. You remember? They were all back from that big hunt upstate and Daniel was on our sofa because he had to work and three of his kids were sick with the mumps."

"Oh yeah, he stayed with us that week. I forget why he had the bayonet…"

"Because his oldest boy was getting better and into everything. They had to lock up the kitchen knives. I wish they’d locked up the toilet paper…"

Mr Scarlotti laughed, "That’s right – he tried to flush a whole roll and stopped up the main drain. I’d forgotten."

"Don’t see how – it took you a day and a half to clear that drain. But anyway, that was when."

"Mrs Scarlotti?" I said.

"Yes Dear?"

"Do you remember what Arnie said back then? I mean…"

She shook her head, "Janus told me his name but I stopped him from telling me anything more. I knew enough from Daniel. I didn’t need to hear from his blade as well."

"I see. Thank you." I smiled.

She nodded absently and left.

I started to pull Finlay and realized that I couldn’t while sitting. I got up and moved away from the others to have enough room. Claymores are great swords – huge things. I’d never handled a full two handed sword before. Even pulling it from the sheath was an exercise.

Maybe that was why or maybe I was just careless. I admit, I was tired, but I didn’t think I was that tired. Anyway, my guard wasn’t what it should have been. I knew the instant Finlay cleared the sheath – that booming voice nearly knocked me over. I’ve had a few try to dominate me before, but this one was incredibly strong. I had a fight on my hands – one I had to fight alone.

Unfortunately for Finlay – I absolutely hate to lose.