And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

Which at the moment, is me.

The continuing story of my crazy, falling apart life is chronicled at my other blog, ever so aptly named Larilee’s Blog. Online diary, disaster report, faith journey and random meanderings all in one convenient place.

So, what about Archena’s Weblog? Well, for starters, I do plan to finish the first True Slayers novella here. After that, in addition to publishing short stories I’ll discuss writing, my writing and all things literary here.

For those interested, I’m planning to compile the existing chapters into a first draft PDF. When the novella is complete, the final version will be an ebook – but you will still be able to read the first draft here. I have lots of plans for Jack and company so the adventure will continue – but I probably won’t try the serialized version again.

I have two other novels in the outline stage. I plan on publishing some excerpts here – assuming anyone is still reading this by then!

I have a number of other blogs to attend to so for right now, my target is to publish here monthly beginning in August or September. If all goes well, I’ll go to a weekly schedule to complete True Slayers. If not, well, it will get completed eventually.

Which brings me to my final thought for the day – thank you, Mandy, for your encouragement and everyone who has commented, supported, critiqued or at least read my work here. I do so very much appreciate it!


Til next time!


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