True Slayers: Reckoning, Part Twenty-One

B-O-R-I-N-G. Boring… Booooooring.

I didn’t get to see Jack much and he was busy with the computer genius’ so I didn’t get to talk to him much, either. Kimberly joined the extended PJ party – the three of us were feeling guilty for not inviting her to begin with. But now conversation was limited to girl talk – all Kimberly knew about Ayami was that she was special. Kagome wasn’t yet ready to break the news to her best friend – she had my go ahead for my part once she did decide to tell Kimberly.

And nothing happened. No critters, no subterfuge, no extended planning meetings – nothing. Because Roland had had some good ideas Jack had delayed the social media blitz until James and Roland were ready.

The only point of debate was whether or not Vinnie now knew that Tresmayne was still in the area. Tresmayne doubted it – the vampire had fled while he was still in human form and mostly concealed. It would have been lucky to identify him as a werewolf – he didn’t think it had had time to identify what kind let alone who. Jack said it didn’t matter – even if he knew, it was just as likely that Jack had sent Tresmayne back for something as it was that Jack was himself here – from Vinnie’s POV.

It was, of course, possible Vinnie had guessed the whole thing by now – after all, he’d lost all his ‘assets’. Jack didn’t care if he had or not – the uncertainty was enough to keep him guessing. Saturday was the big day – and Vinnie was unlikely to make a move with no intel that quickly. Jack thought the vampire on our roof was a desperation play to get intelligence on the neighborhood. If so, it just got him maybe a werewolf that might be Tresmayne – Jack said he would not act on so little information and doubted Vinnie would, either. Nope, right now, we were just making the jerk really nervous – and Jack was fine with that.

So was I – except that with nothing going on it was BORING! Kagome got us a pic of Jason (really handsome, no wonder she kept him to herself!) and Kimberly brought us up to speed on her fiance Aaron. With no further boy news, we girls were down to discussing classes and wholesale retailers. I did get a really good deal on a cute little purse with a tip from Kimberly.

Both Kimberly and Kagome had plans for Saturday. They both went back to Kimberly’s home on Friday and Ayami stayed on with us for the weekend. So now it was boring and only us two girls. I invited Donna and Lisa over Friday night. They ate with us and we watched some comedy DVD’s that Donna brought. Donna is in between guys so Lisa updated us on James and she and I repeated my update on Jack and I. The DVD’s were better than the conversation – some old TV show with a guy named Tim Conway. It was hysterical.

Saturday morning, Jack called early. Just when I was getting used to not waking up until the alarm went off. Operation Airing Out was a go. That wasn’t how Jack put it – Roland had named the silly thing but I didn’t find out until later. Ayami was already waking when I got off the phone. Boredom was over – now the fun would start.

I’m not sure what I expected. Well, I expected something but not really what happened. For the first five hours, that was a lot of nothing. On Jack’s side of the street, a lot was happening. Roland and James had mounted quite an attack. They had systematically located every social media account Vinnie had under all five of the alias’ they had found. More than sixty accounts, James told me later. They lodged thousands of complaints, resulting in the shut down of almost every account while the site owners started sorting things out.

The reason they could lodge so many was that Vinnie had been doing this kind of thing a lot longer than we’d imagined. While I was bored senseless, Roland and James had contacted hundreds of other creatures worldwide who had been used and discarded by Vinnie over the years. Roland had written several security programs to protect the identities from Vinnie – that had also taken a lot of time. He and James lodged their own complaints as well. James deliberately left Ayami out – she would be going overseas next year and wouldn’t be where Jack could easily protect her if Vinnie sought revenge.

But that was only the beginning. Using dummy accounts James and Roland launched their own campaign. Hundreds of posts over all the platforms they could manage warning about Vinnie and what he’d been doing. They set up a website with all of Vinnie’s information – his name, alias’, usernames – everything but his home address and that only because he didn’t seem to have one.

Then they got really creative. The initial things had been on creature and slayer sites – but Vinnie’s misdeeds weren’t limited to those. More complaints were lodged, this time in the regular media. Ten of his accounts were shut down in minutes. And a similar blitz was conducted in the regular media as well. James and Roland had been extremely thorough.



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