True Slayers: Reckoning, Part Twenty-Two

Okay, so I do know what I expected – a lot more ‘bang’. I expected something to happen – okay, something that I’d notice to happen. Obviously, a lot had been happening but it was all online. My Thyspace page lit up like a Christmas tree with all the shares and warnings. Every creature or slayer online now knew about Vinnie – a whole lot about Vinnie. And they were making darn sure that everyone on the planet knew, too.

Jack did do one brilliant thing – which of course I didn’t know until later. He made sure the Mistress knew what we were about to do – two days ahead. The computer duo offered to set up some buffers for her but she had people for just such emergencies. As a result, her pages already had automated responses set up letting everyone know that she was aware of the situation. Good thing – she had thousands of hits within minutes of the first news going out – James is still drooling over her server because it was able to stay up.

The normal web lit up as well – intimidation wasn’t something Vinnie had limited to creatures. Just like on the slayer side, not only did the news go out but people he had victimized began to recognize him. Complaints were flying to both sets of IP providers – and the normal side had complaints going to the police as well.

But if you walked out on the stoop, it was just a normal day in New York. Passersby going to wherever they were bound. Kids playing on the sidewalk. People sitting outside enjoying the nice weather and each other’s company. Just an average nice day – you’d never have known about the nuclear blast that was happening online.

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