True Slayers: Reckoning, Part Twenty-Four

“Careful what you wish for.” Daddy admonished me after I’d told him about my misgivings. He was very understanding – he always is unless Auburn wins the Iron Bowl. He added that tidbit as I was climbing the stairs to go to bed.

Ayami was already in bed – she’d helped Mr. Scarlotti fix the furnace and a million other things. I think it was the closest to heaven she’d ever been – that gal loves to fix things! She probably would have still been helping with a hot water line but Jack finally sent both his father and our werecat to bed around nine.

Now, how that got started, I couldn’t say. I’d been in a funk most of the day. We went for groceries and Mr. Scarlotti and two of his sons were pulling I don’t know what out of that basement window as we came back. We went over and spoke and Ayami stayed to go ask Jack something. Next thing I knew, Jack called to let Mama know that Ayami had joined the repair crew. She came home for supper and the work was all she chatted about. It’s a shame she is going to Korea – I think she’s just been adopted by the Scarlotti’s.

I finished my devotional and threw covers over my head. I’d done nothing all day and was worn out. Daddy had teased me about it but I really felt drained. In fact, I was asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

And then I was awake and on the roof. Sleepwalking is a nice ability but it can be disconcerting if you don’t remember what woke you. It took me a minute before I knew why I was up there – vampire.

Really? Weird, why now? I texted Jack as I tried to get a bearing on where the thing actually was. He texted back that it felt like it was on his side of the street. Weird, felt closer to me, which I let him know.

Mr. Myers broke in that it was to the south. South? Jack thought east. The more we compared notes, the weirder it got. I thought vampire; Mr. Myers was sure werewolf; Jack thought something else.

I felt Tresmayne hit the roof top – mostly because he wasn’t playing and dropped his concealment to a huge degree. Okay, we all knew exactly where he was so none of us were unable to sense – Jack had thought up that experiment. But we were still getting divergent feelings about the various creatures we sensed.

Tresmayne went after the thing to the east. I went north and Mr. Myers to the south. I went six blocks and the sensation just stopped. I assumed it had entered concealment but it really didn’t feel quite like that. More like I was out of range.

I texted Jack again as I turned back. By this time Tresmayne had returned empty handed and Mr. Myers was on his way back as well. This was past weird.

As I got close to home, I saw someone on our roof. Not a creature – I couldn’t sense a creature. A person, definitely. I was mid text and closing when I finally felt the sensation of a slayer – Mr. Schmidt. I finished the text and ran the rest of the way.




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