True Slayers: Reckoning, Part Thirty

It’s a good thing I love that guy – I’m supposed to be telling this part!

It also helps when he’s telling me to do things that make no sense at all. I climbed up on the roof and was coming over the edge as Tresmayne came out of the attic. I nodded and headed for the front of the building.

Some things just look fake. Roland is not the kind of guy that yells at anyone – let alone in the middle of the street. Mrs. Schmidt doesn’t yell – I’d never heard her raise her voice before. But there they were, screaming at each other with the entire neighborhood watching. It looked as contrived as it was.

But watching the show was not my job – finding out who else might be watching was. Tresmayne transformed and once my heart stopped pounding, I followed him to the roof of Roland’s building.

Yes, I’ve seen werewolves transform before – but never a traditional. Yikes! Slayer or not, that is just frightening! Anyway, we went around the whole block then the adjacent block. We hit every roof for three blocks either side of ours – both sides of the street. If Vinnie was around, he wasn’t on a roof top.

He’d have to be concealed – otherwise we’d have sensed him. Or at least Tresmayne would have. He had to be either in an alley looking out, blended into the crowd or in one of the buildings. Tresmayne and I had eliminated rooftops.

James and Mr. Myers had eliminated alleyways in the same fashion Tresmayne and I had eliminated rooftops. Ayami and Mr. Schmidt went through the crowd with the same result. If Vinnie was here, he was watching from a window. But whose?