Please Stand By

Okay, you can sit if you prefer.

The next installment or two will conclude the main story line. There will be an epilogue so the novel itself won’t be finished for another couple weeks. However, this close to the end, I want to do a good job and today, I’m not up to it. I am probably the only one who cares but I still want to do it right so I’m going to hold off for a day or two until I can.

The novel has been written in the blog – this is the draft being published as it is written. It’s been an interesting experiment – I wasn’t sure I could write chronologically when I started. Once concluded, it will be edited (that process has already begun) and finalized (yeah, yeah, so I forgot and called him Thompson instead of Thompkins a few dozen times…). The final version will be available as an ebook – still debating whether or not to include the pictures but the book itself will be done fairly soon after the conclusion.

Anyway, whether anyone is reading this or not (oh come on, a year and a half hiatus isn’t that bad!) I will get it finished in a few days. Thanks for playing!

You may return your seat to the upright position now.