I should post the next installment today. I had intended for Reckoning to be the final chapter and then an epilogue but it’s not going to work that way. The final chapter will be Heroes – whether or not it will still need an epilogue remains to be seen but I still expect so. Reckoning would have ended up in at least forty parts – the longest of any by far – so I think breaking into a new chapter is the best recourse.

The only reason you get to see this is that I’m writing and publishing in sequence – had I written then published, this kind of thing wouldn’t be evident. I could restructure chapters any way I pleased without anyone knowing. And actually, I will – this is effectively the first draft. When I edit, I will definitely make changes – there are continuity problems (memory, what’s that?) and flow problems and POV changes that shouldn’t be where they are – but the plot and story structure will remain the same. I like the alternating points of view and the general confusion of the first chapters – after all, Jack becomes a vampire slayer and amateur detective in one day, he shouldn’t get it all perfect off the bat.

But the love story got lost in the writing and needs to be revisited – and will be in the edit. For now, I’m concentrating on getting it finished – once that’s done, the editing and rewriting will probably take a few months. The final result will be an e-book. None of the edits or rewrites will be done online – other than the minor spelling and continuity edits already done, the novel will stay online as written originally.

Okay, enough talking – time to go write!


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