Grandmama’s First Human, Part 2

“Mind you, once we came to rest, 1W-7 was absolutely beside herself, prattling on about the pod condition, my condition and any other condition she could think of. We were both in one piece which was enough for me right then. We argued a bit, but she finally admitted it was a solid landing, we weren’t in immediate danger and it was too bloody dark outside to do anything about it even if we were.”

She paused, smiling, “I got a very good night’s sleep, once all the excitement was over. It was light out once my sleep cycle was over. I could see well enough to tell what I already knew – we were in a hole in the ground. I couldn’t see and 1W-7 couldn’t find any apparent artificial habitations. What I could see were miles of frozen water vapor covering absolutely everything. I did have to admit she was right about this planet being a wet rock.”

“We did some more bandying about but 1W-7 had already completed all her EVA assessments – we’d landed in the planet’s northernmost hemisphere during its coldest phase. There was nothing for it really but for us both to go into hibernation mode for then time 1W-7 estimated it would take for the phase to end. The temperature was within my survival range, but her blasted escape hatch was frozen shut.”

Grandmama sighed, “My lovely landing had super heated the frozen water vapor which had immediately cooled to water, splashed all over the pod and promptly froze solid. Tiny little one seater – should have taken the big one, I suppose.”