Grandmama’s First Human, Part 3

Noticing the glazed eyes on her tiny audience, she sighed. So much she needed to tell them and they were still so little. They were far too young to understand the toll on her health her pregnancy, escape and acclimatization to this strange little wet rock of a planet had taken. Normally, a Cy-et her age could easily expect to live more than long enough to see her 350th of this planet’s years. But would she even see these two become adults? Who could say?

No matter. She couldn’t rush them so for tonight, she skipped all the boring details of hibernation and how many times she’d awakened to perform various necessary functions – all important things for a variety of reasons far more important than 1W-7’s insistence on getting the details right.  For now, they just wanted a funny story from their grandmama. So be it.

“Well, I finally came out of hibernation to see a much changed view – and an open pod hatch. The air was strange – so many things I’d never scented before. And the trees that had been barren and snowy were vibrant with greenery. Much improved, I must say.”

“I climbed out of the pod and spent a few hours getting used to the rock’s gravity and convincing my legs to once again bear my weight. 1W-7 will tell you I stumbled about for three point six hours but never you mind, I got my planet legs back quickly enough. It had been five years since I’d last stood up on a planet – not so easy a transition as you might think.”

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