About This Blog

This blog is an experiment in real time writing. In other words, the story or novella is written in first to last order and published as each section is written. As a result, posts sometimes contain errors which will be edited at a later time. Feel free to comment on a given post – and to point out the errors. Occasionally, edits will include substantial changes to the content but I try to keep this to a minimum.

Each unique piece will have its own page. The current novella has a page divided into links to each post in its correct order. That will simplify finding and reading the pieces.

All rights are reserved. If you would like to repost or re-publish any portion, contact the Webmaster at archenadear@gmail.com to request permission. Please include a link to the post and indicate exactly what portion you wish to reproduce along with a link to the host page where you intend to republish.





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