The Problem with Self Imposed Deadlines

Mostly, I never make them. Especially not if holidays are involved. So, I can write like a crazy woman tonight – that’s not totally out of the question, I already have the crazy part – or I can finish this next year. It’s looking good for next year – tired and achy do not make for great writing (no comments from the peanut gallery on that one!).

I got great news yesterday РI received my disability award. One of the few without any appeal necessary.  That translates to I have an income again Рand I am so grateful to God for that.

I also splurged on a mobile hotspot so I can post from home. Which means not dragging myself  out everyday, setting up the laptop and running out of time to really write. As things improve, I will get a desktop and that will make writing easier (how does ANYONE type on the laptop keyboard? I have a separate USB keyboard just to type!).

I won’t have to worry with Obamacare and the ridiculously over-complicated plans – I’ll have Medicare. I got burned on my orthopedic visit and haven’t had the courage to see any other doctors since (or the money, for that matter). Once that starts, I can see about my legs and maybe reversing my gastric bypass – which would hopefully mean feeling a lot better a lot of the time.

But in the meantime, I’m not going to finish True Slayers in the final hours of 2017. I’ll grab some sparkling cider on the way home and curl up with a bunch of inspirational movies on the DVD and kittens on the lap. It’s already a happy new year for me.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Joyous New Year!

We Interrupt This Program…

I have cookies to dust (yes, really – confectioner’s sugar, okay?), things to move, irate things to feed (look, the girl was late getting up, deal with it – none of your dishes were empty anyway! Quit mewing at me!), stuff to buy (late Christmas gift for me – yes, I know but the cookies aren’t for me, so there!) and more to do in the next few hours than I can actually do in the next few hours so I give up on the edit. I give up on today’s post – and probably tomorrow’s. I will do my Read the Book and Larilee’s Blog posts but only because they are quick!

I’ll pick up on Seven probably Wednesday if not sooner.

So, go have a Merry Christmas and quit looking at me like that!



I should post the next installment today. I had intended for Reckoning to be the final chapter and then an epilogue but it’s not going to work that way. The final chapter will be Heroes – whether or not it will still need an epilogue remains to be seen but I still expect so. Reckoning would have ended up in at least forty parts – the longest of any by far – so I think breaking into a new chapter is the best recourse.

The only reason you get to see this is that I’m writing and publishing in sequence – had I written then published, this kind of thing wouldn’t be evident. I could restructure chapters any way I pleased without anyone knowing. And actually, I will – this is effectively the first draft. When I edit, I will definitely make changes – there are continuity problems (memory, what’s that?) and flow problems and POV changes that shouldn’t be where they are – but the plot and story structure will remain the same. I like the alternating points of view and the general confusion of the first chapters – after all, Jack becomes a vampire slayer and amateur detective in one day, he shouldn’t get it all perfect off the bat.

But the love story got lost in the writing and needs to be revisited – and will be in the edit. For now, I’m concentrating on getting it finished – once that’s done, the editing and rewriting will probably take a few months. The final result will be an e-book. None of the edits or rewrites will be done online – other than the minor spelling and continuity edits already done, the novel will stay online as written originally.

Okay, enough talking – time to go write!